Awards + Exhibitions

• Blue Hills Trailside Museum "DCR : Celebrating 100 Years of Preserving The Commonwealth of Massachusetts" (September-November)
• Blue Hills Trailside Museum "April Showers & May Flowers : New England Reborn" Exhibit (March-June)
• Future Arts Fest @ Arts at the Armory, Somerville
• Conception Art Exhibition - Boston
• Discover Quincy Pop Up Art Gallery
• Blue Hills Trailside Museum "Winter's Idyll" Exhibit
• Shoot The Frame Finalist Wildlife Photography Award
• Discover Quincy's Art Walk
• "Beauty of Humanity" at SCOPE Art Show Miami
• Discover Quincy's Pop Up Art Gallery "50 Days of Freedom"
• Boston Fashion Awards "Creative Photographer"
• Boston Fashion Awards "Creative Photographer"
• NESOP Alumni Tear Sheet Exhibition
• NESOP Garner Center Exhibit
• New England School of Photography, Portfolio and Fashion honors


• Vogue Italia (Photo Vogue)
• Boston Voyager Magazine
• Juxtapoz Magazine
• Fuzion Magazine
• T&M Magazine
• Lumen Magazine
• Papercut Magazine
• Original Living Magazine
• Performer Magazine
• Blast Magazine
• The Dig Boston
• Hot Stepz Magazine
• Boston Home Magazine 
• The Patriot Ledger

Zen Rose Flora

I am intuitive in a way that even when I’m not sure, I trust the process. In 2017 people were so curious as to why I was seeking out wilted flowers. My visions at the time seemed so unrealistic that I wasn't even sure why most days. I made a lot of art but mostly, it gave me something to look forward to after pulling myself out of a dark depression. This seemingly random photo project of mine manifested enormously. Within 6 months I was offered a job with a local florist. For a year I swept the floors, took out the trash, made the deliveries and all the laboring jobs no one else wanted to do. I watched and observed the designers intently hoping some day they'd give me a chance. Sandie began teaching me over the summer of 2018. She told me I was under her wing now. Just a few months later she passed away after having a major heart attack in the passenger seat of my car. She took her last conscious breaths in my arms. My very first flower arrangement without Sandie's guidance was extremely emotionally difficult. I can still hear her voice in the back of my head while I'm creating. She believed in me more than any one, including myself, so I have vowed to keep moving forward with this in her honor. It has been a whirlwind of energy since she left us. There have been synchronicities throughout my life that has lead me to this point. I have found two very different mediums that I truly connect with. One that freezes time forever and one who's time is temporary.

I found my Zen.

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