Awards + Exhibitions

• Blue Hills Trailside Museum "DCR : Celebrating 100 Years of Preserving The Commonwealth of Massachusetts" Exhibit (September-November)
• Blue Hills Trailside Museum "April Showers & May Flowers : New England Reborn" Exhibit (March-June)
• Future Arts Fest @ Arts at the Armory, Somerville
• Conception Art Exhibition - Boston
• Discover Quincy Pop Up Art Gallery
• Blue Hills Trailside Museum "Winter's Idyll" Exhibit
• Shoot The Frame Finalist Wildlife Photography Award
• Discover Quincy's Art Walk
• "Beauty of Humanity" at SCOPE Art Show Miami
• Discover Quincy's Pop Up Art Gallery "50 Days of Freedom"
• Boston Fashion Awards "Creative Photographer"
• Boston Fashion Awards "Creative Photographer"
• NESOP Alumni Tear Sheet Exhibition
• NESOP Garner Center Exhibit
• New England School of Photography, Portfolio and Fashion honors


• Vogue Italia (Photo Vogue)
• Boston Voyager Magazine
• Juxtapoz Magazine
• Fuzion Magazine
• T&M Magazine
• Lumen Magazine
• Papercut Magazine
• Original Living Magazine
• Performer Magazine
• Blast Magazine
• The Dig Boston
• Hot Stepz Magazine
• Boston Home Magazine 
• The Patriot Ledger

Zen Rose Flora

I am intuitive in a way that even when I’m not sure, I trust the process. In 2017 people were so curious as to why I was seeking out wilted flowers. My visions at the time seemed so unrealistic that I wasn't even sure why most days. I took a lot of photos but mostly, it gave me something to look forward to after a very personally difficult year. This seemingly random photo project of mine manifested enormously. Within 6 months I was offered a job with a local florist. For a year I swept the floors, took out the trash, made the deliveries and all the laboring jobs no one else wanted to do. I watched and observed the designers intently hoping some day they'd give me a chance. Sandie began teaching me over the summer of 2018. She told me I was under her wing now. A few months later she passed away. I can still hear her voice in the back of my head while I'm creating. She believed in me more than any one, including myself, so I have vowed to keep moving forward with this in her honor. It has been a whirlwind of energy since she left us. There have been synchronicities throughout my life that has lead me to this point. I have found two very different mediums that I truly connect with. One that freezes time forever and one who's time is temporary.
I found my Zen.

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